Wet Station is an Authorized Provider/Delivery Partner offering training through the NIOSH, ILS, AHA, PADI, ECSI, AAOS, ACEP, EFR and many more.

Our goal is to make a difference by educating and preparing individuals to use their skills in the workplace and in their personal lives. We offer quality, cost effective training options and can help you “prepare to survive”.

Wet Station is proud to offer you courses of the highest standards with:
- Nationally recognized certifications.
- Flexible convenient training options.
- Customized training and personal instruction.
- Hands-on learning with excellent instructors.
- Quality training materials & equipment.
- Relaxed and fun training environment.


Training is a small investment that pays for itself again and again. Our courses are learner-centered; you learn by doing. This promotes greater skill retention and application. This approach also builds confidence and reduces the fear of how to act in an emergency situation. We strive to ensure you will enjoy our courses!

Your place or ours? Should the need arise we can set up custom training packages to suit your needs. We also have the flexibility to bring the training to you. Please contact us for booking terms and conditions or for more information.

Flexibility options are available! We understand busy schedules and demands on your time so we offer on or off site training alternatives for days, evenings, or weekends. We will work with you to meet your needs.